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Working with Discussions in SharePoint 2010, time: 2:45


Dec 18,  · Discussion Board on a SharePoint Community Site with Workflow SharePoint Use this forum to discuss topics about SharePoint Designer, InfoPath, and other customization capabilities for the RTM release version of SharePoint How can I include a thread from a Discussion Board on a page? In a way, I would almost like it to be a page included within a page. Is this possible? I have access to SharePoint Designer sharepoint-enterprise sharepoint-designer designer-workflow discussion-board. share | . Jul 26,  · Discussion Board in Microsoft SharePoint Discussion Board is used for communication among team members. The discussion board shows the most recent discussion first on top, as well as the number of replies for each discussion. User can quickly see which discussions have the most recent activity and which ones are the most popular discussion. Aug 27,  · There are some improvements in Discussion Board in SharePoint When you create a new thread, the first thing you notice is the field "Question". With this field, you are categorizing whether the thread is for a normal discussion or should it be treated as a question. We are trying to customize SharePoint Discussion Board app and are unable to modify existing Flat, Subject, and Threaded views or create new views. If you have SharePoint designer, open the view with it and change the settings "read only" to FALSE and then you will be able to modify the views from SharePoint.In Discussion board when i created a new thread, it displaying created name by default in recent Use SharePoint designer to modify the view. A step by step approach to create a Discussion Board in Microsoft List in Microsoft SharePoint using SharePoint Designer that will also. Creating Discussion Board in Microsoft SharePoint Microsoft SharePoint using SharePoint Designer that will also be beneficial. I did something similar. I added a field to the discussion list called CC - and every time I got a reply, I added that user to the CC field in the. Here are the steps that you need to follow to set up the email notification in your Discussion board. 1. Open your SP site in SharePoint Designer. Create Discussion Forum in SharePoint SharePoint logo A discussion forum or discussion board is a virtual room where teachers and students can. I've finally found the fix for this. I had to do some changes in the way I was doing things. In particular the conversion of the received value from. Sharepoint Discussion board Reply's Parent · sharepoint Schema design for Dynamo Db table or Equivalent Nosql Db for Discussion Forum. I am back with a very useful blog on SharePoint Many of you must be dealing with editing the existing view of discussion board in SharePoint , as they 1) Open the SharePoint Designer for your particular site.


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