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RE: truncate variable names Thanks a lot! I agree it may seem a bad idea; Actually, I had a program running with variables names truncated to 8 characters (exported from SPSS using an old stat/transfer version) - I received a new data set (same data, but with additional observations), exported from SPSS with a new version of stat/transfer, but with variables names longer than 8. Dec 14,  · I am using Stata 1- When I carry out tabulations, variables with long value labels are truncated even though I perform format operation. How do I avoid that? 2. When I import data into stata from excel, SPSS, etc, the string length of my variables are truncated. How do avoid this. Any help would be appreciated. We want to create a new variable with full name in the order of last name and then first name separated by comma. Example 2: Dates were entered as a string variable, in some cases the year was entered as a four-digit value (which is what Stata generally expects to see), but in other cases it was entered as a two-digit value. We want to create a date variable in numeric format based on this string variable. Sep 06,  · Truncating numbers. While it is true that the basic arithmetic operations will not help, there exists a function in Stata that will return the same first 2-digit code. This is the int () function. int (x) returns the integer obtained from dropping the digits after the decimal point of number x. Dec 13,  · For truncated linear regression, we can use the truncreg command, and for censored linear regression, we can use the intreg or tobit command. In this blog post, we will analyze the characteristics of truncated and censored data and discuss using truncreg and tobit to account for the incomplete data. Truncated data. Example: Royal Marines. Problem Note Variable names truncate to 8 characters when you use the EXPORT procedure and DBMS=DTA to create a Stata file. When you use the EXPORT procedure and the option DBMS=DTA to create a file from a SAS data set, as shown in the following example, variable names are truncated to 8 characters. Select the Hot Fix tab in this note to access the hot fix for this issue. The .Thanks a lot! I agree it may seem a bad idea; Actually, I had a program running with variables names truncated to 8 characters (exported from. Truncating is easy: use -substr(varname,1,8)-. The problem often is that the first eight characters are not unique e.g. common naming practices. Hello, I would like to truncate the variable names of my dataset to 8 characters. Does anybody know how I can do that in Stata? Thanks Bruno. This is something I've meaning to ask for some time. Does anyone know how to un-truncate variable names in stata output, especially for. Associate Editors. Christopher Baum. Boston College. Rino Bellocco. Karolinska Institutet. David Clayton. Cambridge Inst. for Medical Research. Mario A. A Stata variable name can contain up to 32 characters in any version of A variable name may contain only the digits 0 to 9 and upper or lower. Stata is a powerful and easy-to-use package for setting up data and performing tasks including storing file paths, constructing variable names in loops, accu- .. easy to truncate long variable lists or commands stored in a local by manipulat-. In Stata 13 and later versions, this can be done in one line using the built-in command rename. One merely has to specify the relevant rules, which can include. *Data transformation, Stata There are three central commands to transform variables or compute new variables from other variables sqrt(x), sum(x), max( x1,x2,,xn), min(x1,x2,,xn), sign(x); Rounding and truncating functions: abs() ( absolute a partial list below) and exp is an expression, often a simple variable name. Stata 11 introduced a variables manager that allows editing variable names, labels, types, formats, and Stata datasets are rectangular arrays with n observations on m variables. .. int(x), the integer obtained by truncating x towards zero.


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