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Nerd³'s Minecraft Buildy Thing (LP) - 4, time: 15:08


Not many people play the game (just over ), yet it it so much fun to create your own builds or play with others. It's basically GMOD with LEGO bricks and not only would it be great for NerdCubed to play, but it would bring much needed attention to such an underrated game. It's $20 or around £15 and I highly recommend you check it out. “Lets play world banana” – The original world used in the “Minecraft lets play buildy thingy” series. “Nerdcubed Fanserver Original Map” – The original map used in the first Minecraft Nerd³ Fanserver. “NEW! IMPROVED! Bannananannanana” – The 2nd world . Lets Play / Nerd³. Nerd³ is a British Let's Play channel on YouTube created by Daniel Hardcastle and run by himself and Wot Fanar, devoted to gaming and reviewing games. It can be found here. Largely inspired as a cross between Hannah Hart's My Drunk Kitchen and TotalBiscuit's WTF Is, it combines quick editing with strange. Enter your email and choose username. Channels OfficialNerdCubed Tornado on channel OfficialNerdCubed. Nerd³ Builds a Jurassic World - 22 - Tornado. The latest Tweets from Daniel Hardcastle (@DanNerdCubed). "Pure Dead Brilliant" - Mimir, Norse God of Knowledge and Wisdom. Author of an actual Book. Married to the endlessly brilliant illustrator @Mr_Rebecca. He/himAccount Status: Verified. The home of wasted time. Copyright © Nerd³. All rights reserved. · Company Information · Contact · Privacy PolicyCompany Information · Contact · Privacy Policy. In this day and age, there are about a million problems, one of which is the insults and name-calling that occurs everyday. As a supposedly 'young' person, I feel i should understand how these types of things came about. It's no longer taught that homosexuality is sinful, and there are no issues or complications about the word 'gay'.“Nerdcubed Fanserver Original Map” – The original map used in the first Lets play buildy thing world (the original not 2nd) needs updating. Dan's first video game Let's Play was Nerd³ Minecraft Let's Play Buildy Thing, the first episode having over , views as of June , and. This is a model Tardis that Nerdcubed had made in episode 17 of his Minecraft let's play. Its name comes Nerd³&#;s Minecraft Buildy Thing - 22 - YouTube. It was one of the nerd cubed completes RCT3 episodes (27 I think). . The whole Minecraft let's play buildy thing reeled me in, first saw it in. I know that whole thing has blown over a bit but I still think it would make an I'd like to see more building/strategy games from Dan, Let's Play.


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