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The most likely explanation is that you are sending a push notification with a sandbox device token to the production APNS server. Either you are using an old device token that was sent to your server by your app while you were testing it in the sandbox environment, or your app is still signed with a development provisioning profile, and is still receiving sandbox device tokens from the APNS. If I send the token to Apple's sandbox server, it sends me an "invalid token" response. If I send the token to Apple's production server, it returns the token in the feedback service as one that I should remove from my list. At least I know that the APN certificates and connection to the server work fine. My iPhone 4s has been enabled for. Does APNS Feedback service no longer exist as per new APIs? There's an HTTP status code for the case that was previously reported by the Feedback Service: - The device token is no longer active for the topic. the value of this key is the last time at which APNs confirmed that the device token was no longer valid for the topic. HOWTO remove device tokens received by Apple APNS feedback. Ask Question 5. 3. This doesn't mean that the application has been uninstalled from the device, it can just be that the user doesn't have persistant wifi connection at the moment. you can compare it with your table's last insert time and then remove the invalid token from db. This can mean that you don't have the certificate chain needed for TLS/SSL to validate the connection to the service. In addition to the SSL identity (certificate and associated private key) created by Member Center, you should also install the root certificate on your provider. This allows TLS/SSL to verify the full APNs server cert chain. Apr 19,  · The second one (APNs Development iOS) is the certificate that we use once the token has been created to send a push notification to the device the token comes from. The certificates are linked to each other so i just dont know why i am still getting 'Invalid token' no matter what code i use.The fact that you get "invalid token" when sending the notification to the returns the token in the feedback service means that the application. ApnsServerEnvironment to Sandbox, That means the APNS Guys, I"m getting same issue (Invalid Token) in console application on windows. Hello, when I try to use APN Production SSL Certificate to do Push Notifications it failed and got "Notification error: APN invalid token". Just to be sure: Are you using separate device tokens for production and development? Interestingly enough, I was trying with the development. The application passes the device token to your provider as a non-object, binary value . That means that the persistent connection failed. . These certificates are valid for one year but production APNs You should check the feedback service at least once a day for device tokens that are no longer active. For invalid APNS responses where there is a mismatch of token and the Check the feedback service for tokens that are invalid for the current topic. This error means you used one project ID to generate the device token. Push Notifications have intrigued me since Apple first introduced them in iOS it's too big, or it has an invalid device token or malformed payload, etc. code ( Apple provides us with a list of status codes and what they mean. 0 - No errors encountered 1 - Processing error 2 - Missing device token 3 - M valid at some point and no longer is, you should really refer to the Feedback. Invalid token: On iOS 9 and higher, your device token may change if you uninstall /reinstall an app. Please make sure your token If you see an "Invalid certificate" error, this means that: APNS can send this feedback when: Invalid token: The. 1 APNS. How to make invalid apn token. 2 How to generate Push Silent notifications are not meant as a way to keep your app awake in the Feedback service should be used once a day to get tokens that are not. Generally when sending push notifications to Apple you should do so in a batch. form of an invalid token will be if the token is no longer registered; you are missing a Zend_Mobile_Push_Exception_InvalidTopic, An invalid topic simply means The feedback service simply returns an array of device tokens and the time.


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