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Delphi record field name generator


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CUST_NAME Varchar(30); I include a TIBDataSet in a form, it's linked to the Customers table. Next I generate proper SQL with the DataSet editor. Next, I add both TFields and set the 'GeneratorField' property to my generator, to the CUST_ID field, and select the 'On New Record' option. >>a record (Pascal keyword 'record' here, not talking about databases)?' >>Also, when doing this to an object, is there an easy way to tell >>whether the field you're looking at is actually a field or if it's a >>procedure/function? >Delphi stores type information in run-time tables only for the >published section of a class, and related. It is always wise to include the Delphi version in your question, especially with questions about feature specific issues (the RTTI has been overhauled in Delphi ) like this question. – . Using InterBase generators for AutoIncrement fields. The example below assumes that there is a table CUSTOMER with a uniquely indexed field CUST_HASH. The generators' name is GEN_CUSTOMER. The traditional technique would be to detect the current maximum number max and then insert a value of [max+1]: SELECT MAX. The Fields of a Dataset. Delphi generates an internal name—the name of the field component—which you can further customize. Next, select a data type for the field. If it is a calculated field or a lookup field, and not just a copy of a field redefined to use a new data type, select the proper radio button. Apr 18,  · TMember = record Each item, or field, is like a variable, consisting of a name and a type. TMember type contains three fields: a string value called Name (to hold the name of a member), a value of a string type called eMail (for one e-mail), and an integer (Cardinal) called Posts (to hold the number of submissions to our community). An easier approach is simply to use a TStringList, store the field name in the string value, and use a pointer in the object value that can be used as an offset into the record structure. There's probably a number of other ways to do it as well. Description: The Record keyword is one of the most useful, and distinguishing features of Delphi (and the Pascal language). It provides a means of collecting together a set of different data types into one named structure. Each field in the structure is referenced in the manner When declared, the Packed option tells Delphi to minimise the storage taken by the record. Board index» delphi» generator name from table name. Moore. Delphi Developer. generator name from table name. PM delphi87 how to get given a table name, the generator and the field incremented by the generator for this table? Martijn Tonies. Delphi Developer. PM. Re:generator name from table name.Well, you are hard coding field names; you just hardcode them in the const instead consider the ability of records to contain functions in D and later. . You can get field names and then write a code-generator that can. Is it possible to loop by the fields of a record structure and to do some . Name. WriteToDisk writes a string to disk. agrostock.cluboDisk writes an integer to disk etc. to handle a known type and mechanically generate the code to call it. I'm using Turbo Delphi for win32 suppose that I have this record type TRec = record First: I want to access fields (Read/Write) using thier names such as. How do you generate the unique values for these IDs when multiple clients are Not having the record ID (which is also the only key field) on the Delphi side You instead choose to let the user type the initial portion of a name and then filter . Each dataset has a generator field for its ID, and each has the proper update and using only the ID field to identify existing records and updating only the fields of Strings = ('select, agrostock.club_class, agrostock.club_company,, function FieldNameToCaption(Dataset: TDataSet; const FieldName: string): string ; overload;. function . generate INSERT or UPDATE sql script for active or all record with defined list of fields Rosinsky Software - delphi> . Please also note that the assignment between data record in Delphi (Object fields e.g. Teacher and Student should have common fields like Name, Age Last Post: How to Generate K Test Data to MySQL Database?. RandSeed contains the seed for the pseudorandom number generator. The Getter can be the name of a field or a method in the class or in an ancestor class. The field can be an aggregate (record or array), and the Getter must specify a. of fields of record properties; Generics syntax in Delphi mode modifier or as a field name, and recent Delphi versions also support static class .. array that uses TTypeKind as an index will generate a compile error. This page demonstrates how to use IBDataset with Delphi Last Modified Identifiers - required only if table or field names use mixed case; Press Generate SQL. Note: I personally prefer to use mixed case table and field names . This code will update an existing record or create a new record if necessary .


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