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[2019] How to install WhatsApp in iPad, time: 6:01


In this article we are providing the steps to Use WhatsApp on iPad, without jailbreak. This will allow you to use the popular messaging system WhatsApp on the larger screen of your iPad. Use WhatsApp on iPad. Previously, it was possible to use a workaround to directly install WhatsApp on Salman Patwegar. May 28,  · Buy iPad Buy iPad; Questions about iPad; Can I Install Whatsapp On iPad Mini (Wifi only)? Oct 09,  · Question: Q: Whatsapp for IPad Air (Wifi Only) How can I get my iPad air to support what's app. I also would like to suggest that if it can't be done that apple allow what's app to work on the iPad, that app is most important to me because it keeps me in touch with persons in my daily life. It is because the Developer of Whatsapp does not. Oct 20,  · Officially, you can't as WhatsApp is only for iPhone and other mobiles. However, you can use WhatsApp on iPad using its web fearure. Open safari and open WhatsApp Web and scan the code using your WhatsApp app installed on your phone and you'll hav. WhatsApp has definitely lessened the use of SMS messaging and has eased the lives of a lot of users. It’s very easy to send unlimited messages, sharing photos, videos, sharing music just in a few taps using WiFi or 3G on your device with WhatsApp. Shown above is a 16GB iPad Mini Wi-Fi with WhatsApp enabled and the donor iPhone 5S. WhatsApp is the most-used messaging and social networking platform today. However, WhatsApp is limited to Author: Francis D'sa.There's no official WhatsApp app available for the iPad, but there's a workaround. Here's how to install and use WhatsApp on an iPad. Officially, you can't as WhatsApp is only for iPhone and other mobiles. However, you can use WhatsApp on iPad using its web fearure. You can install a web version of WhatsApp messenger on your iPad or PC. This is how to install a fully functional copy of WhatsApp on iPad. It possible to use WhatsApp on iPad using a little tweak that gets the web version of WhatsApp working on the large screen of your iPad. Once you start using WhatsApp it is difficult to do without it. The reason for this is its use of simplicity. It allows you to send and receive text. WhatsApp messenger is great. Well, it's sort of great. If we're being honest, being swarmed with hundreds of messages a day from 13 different. It is because the Developer of Whatsapp does not support the ipad, Apple has no say in what a developer chooses to support or not. You will. We have showed you how to install Whatsapp on iPad and iPod in the iPod touch (1st to 5th gen); iPad Wifi; iPad Wifi + 3G; iPad 2 Wifi; iPad. WhatsApp is a popular instant messenger application that works on iOS and Android OS, which lets you send text messages, MMS and voice.


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