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Linux Tutorial How to start Linux VM in Seamless Mode, time: 8:01


May 26,  · All -- This is an update and follow-up to my post above, with the Solution for the problem, at least least in my case. It seems that I have found the issue that was causing VirtualBox Guest Additions (GA) to not work on Windows for me, which was in turn causing Seamless Mode to be unavailable and was causing clipboard-sharing to not work, and was causing folder-sharing to not work. The Windows 10 bit guest is installed properly, and everything seems to work except for Seamless mode. When the Windows 10 guest is running, the VirtualBox is constantly running in full screen. When I put it into seamless mode, it looks smoother but the desktop of Windows 10 stays full screen. I have tried ubuntu, ubuntu with cinnamon, ubuntu with kde, mint with cinnamon, mint with kde, debian with cinnamon, debian with kde but they all have the same problems. I tried ubuntu and mint on my ubuntu box and seamless mode was working as expected. The problem seems to be the interaction of OSX and virtualbox. Any insight would be fantastic. I've installed the guest additions on my Debian Linux virtual machine. Installation went through without any problems. For some reason I still can't get the option to run in seamless mode (it's greyed out). VirtualBox is running on Mac OSX. Replying to adrien. With virtualbox 5 on debian stable (etch) dual screen with nvidia binary driver (xinerama activated) The seamless mode only works on the first screen, if used on the second screen there is a lot of display problems. I'm not able to switch to Seamless Mode in VirtualBox with Ubuntu or as guest OS's. I have tried the seamless mode with XP as guest OS, and it works absolutely fine. The host OS is Windows 7. I have in-built Via/S3G Unichrome Pro IGP graphics, and I .Activating seamless mode in the past has been simple. Just install guest additions and its there. However this time its not. I have VMs set up. Virtual machines generally run guest operating systems and their programs in a single window. However, both VirtualBox and VMware have features that allow you to free virtualized programs from their prison, running them on your host desktop. You start up your virtual machine. Dear VirtualBox Pros -- Please help. For me, Seamless Mode is grayed out and not available. I have tried many fixes suggested on the internet. [ModEdit; related ticket: # Seamless issue Debian Host BUT when I enter Seamless mode, the video inside the VM window is not. I'm having a bit of trouble with seamless mode when using one particular windows manager, and my web/forum searches have been fruitless. Linux Mint breaks seamless mode Location: UK: Primary OS: Linux other: VBox Version: OSE Debian: Guest OSses: windows 7 & XP. VirtualBox offers a feature that let's you treat windows opened in the running guest The requirement for Seamless mode to run is that the VirtualBox Guest. So I had to run them in VirualBox they work fine there but I need to run VirtualBox in seamless mode for better integration with my desktop. Why would "Seamless Mode" be grayed out and unselectable? Distribution: Debian, Ubuntu, LinuxMint, Slackware, SysrescueCD, Raspbian, Arch VirtualBox r Host OS: LinuxMint_13(Maya)_Xfce_x64 Guest.


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