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5 Hours of Relaxing Psychedelic Space Rock - Third Star, time: 5:01:22


Apr 24,  · noisy psychedelic music blog. Energetic noise rock from Lima! The band released their first 3 track EP in and show that the band has a very specific sound, a highly energetic sound that predicts only good stuff for the future. Sir Psych's Psychedelic Shack (some newer sounds of psych) Snap, Crackle, and Pop (sounds from warn grooves) Spacerockmountain (airing out some obscure, modern lo-fi sounds) The Active Listener (homemade psych) The Rising Storm (international rock and psych) Time Has Told Me (acid folk, folk, psych) Totally Fuzzy (music blog nexus) Totally. Jun 17,  · Psychedelic music often times referred to as “Psychedelia” includes several prominent music variations and genres in line with psychedelic culture that sought to replicate and perhaps boost the psychedelic drugs evolved during the midst of s among blues rock and also folk rock music bands in Britain and the United States. I'm running a blog called More Fuzz, it covers everything Heavy. So you'll find a lot of Heavy Psych in there. If you want to only listen to Psychedelic bands, play with the "Purple Haze Level" on this's basically a way I invented to categorize reviews on my blog by the sound signature of the music. Jan 01,  · a psychedelic music blog. Nobody did this type of music better than Praise Space Electric. Similar to their previous album '2 Leaving Demons', 'Mushroom Jazz' is an album of spacey, funky grooves, but with more jazz and lounge in the mix and a much better production, allowing these bright and breezy workouts to breathe. Jan 06,  · This blog is dedicated to the youngsters involved in the 60s music scene. Their love for music, enthusiasm and tension to experiment, created fantastic beats and grooves. 60s garage, psych, beat, freakbeat, pop, psychedelic, and even bubblegum has inspired a lot of musicians and generations. Our celebration off all things psychedelic continues with this exclusive list of our choices for the greatest psychedelic albums of all time. This is not a list of No.1 to 25 – that would be way Author: Richard Havers.World Psychedelic Classics - Collection. Sensory System - Psychedelic Rock. Camel - Psychedelic Space Rock. Blog Pirata do Rock - R.I.P. Anyway, here is some music to help with the upset stomach and indigestion. anyway Mr. Rock & Roll - Devil Dick Mix #35 Psychedelic Rock . Blog Archive. Jeppe Zeeberg: Eight seemingly unrelated pieces of piano music (Barefoot) Mythic Sunship: Another shape of psychedelic music (El Paraiso). Oct 3rd. I still remember the first time I played Fuck the Sun, Stone From the Sky's previous album (yes, that's actually what it's called). What I don't quite. The fantastically brilliant 'That Day' kicks things off in grand style. Hazy reverberations swirl and glide as that repetitive guitar line ritualistically twists and turns on. Psychedelic music often times referred to as “Psychedelia” includes several prominent music variations and genres in line with psychedelic. Some of the tracks are built around songs from the Gnawa repertoire (tracks 1, . Hi, thanks for your blog and the lot of tapes we can find here!. Dansk blog om jazz, med anmeldelser og andet relevant. Gateway Music .. Det er avantgarde, free jazz, improv, experimental, psych, kraut, musique. ORBEATIZE [ORB] Weltklang Electronic Music - ZX81 In Concert LP. Jan 2nd . Roma Violenta #9 (er Collezionista S'encazza) toy Apr 15th 4.


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