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Futurama - Bender Turns Into A Were-Car, time: 0:30


Futurama Season 2 Episode 18 The Honking Online at if Futurama Season 2 Episode 18 The Honking is not working, please select a new video tab or reload the page. Previos. The line on the opening credits for this episode is "Smell-O-Vision Users Insert Nostril Tubes Now". The title is a reference to the werewolf film "The Howling". Bender can be muted with a remote. Quotes Vladimir: "Come Bender. You like being dead." Bender: "That's what they said about bein' alive!" Fry: "Hey Project Satan, over here! I'm a blind pedestrian! 20 points!" Episode References Appearances Quotes Goofs Gallery Episode References Appearances Quotes Goofs Gallery.Dec 17, "The Honking" is the thirty-first episode of Futurama, the eighteenth of the second production season and the first of the third broadcast season. May 29, Commentary:The Honking meant for t MKIV A4 Jetta GTI the game of golf Passatby Writen4u5 rice Futurama episode/film commentaries. Futurama Games 2ACV18 - The Honking been authorised in any way by anyone associated with FOX, The Curiosity Company, or anyone from Futurama. Includes Futurama downloads, Futurama DVD info, TV listing, Futurama episode guide, Futurama Games Episode Sounds: 2ACV18 - The Honking. "The Honking" is episode one in Season three of Futurama. It originally aired in North America on November 5, Bender learns that his uncle Vladimir has. The Honking/References. Honking. English 'Game of Thrones' Obituary: Season 8's First Death Fandom Hubert J. Farnsworth Futurama Wiki. Explore. Mar 19, In which Bender is struck by a horrible curse, and also a car “The Honking” is a very silly episode. Silly even by Futurama standards, mixing. "Futurama" The Honking (TV Episode ) Connections on IMDb: Referenced in, Featured in, Some in-game soundbites are lifted from this episode. The numbers on the wall, , equal the number in binary. But in the mirror we see , which is , which could mean Bender has.


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