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Feb 27,  · The 'OpenMG Secure Module' is a Sony product. It is some kind of copy protection software component that is installed with some Sony software programs such as Sonic Stage or some Sony MP3 Players. Try uninstalling it using Control Panel/Programs and Features/Uninstall or Change a Program. Refer: uninstall or change a program in windows. Jan 01,  · The only way to fix is manually unzipped the OpenMg Secure and give the path to that Installer. The zipped OpenMg Secure can be found inside yours Temporay Internet Files after re-installation of SS One more strange I found before this problem is the ripping times were not accumulated even you ripped the CD many times. I just lately had a crisis of InstallShield commencing an set up events which many times failed when you consider that it might now not to find the OpenMG secure Module msi file, which i am setup, and nonetheless use it occasionally for field recording so i don't want to uninstall it. Openmg Secure Module Msi Software Critical Update for Windows XP KB If you install the MS Security Update for Microsoft Windows (KB) on a computer that is running Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 1 (SP1), Microsoft Windows SP3, or Microsoft Windows SP4, and then you try to. May 13,  · How can I get rid of this OpenMG Secure Module that keeps coming up on my screen? Its something that came with Sonic Stage, a music program, and I have recently wanted to get rid of it. I tried uninstalling it from the Add or Remove programs option in My Computer and this OpenMG .Просмотрите все файлы Sony MSI и узнайте, как устранить ошибки MSI, связанные с OpenMG Secure · Sony · Sony SonicStage, I've been having trouble with this for awhile. I used to get it when I opened certain mkv files with MPC but it was solved after I installed CCCP. No valid source could be found for product OpenMG Secure Module. on enter an alternate path to a folder Main / Music / Openmg secure vista. failed because it could not find the OpenMG Secure Module msi file, for users of Sony music software following previous updates of XP. The only way to fix is manually unzipped the OpenMg Secure and give the path to that Installer. The zipped OpenMg Secure. OPENMG SECURE MODULE Windows XP Movie Maker. () OpenMG- compliant music software OpenMG secure HELP. To Fix (openMG secure module) error you need to follow the steps below: and droping music files) and it asks you to install openMG secure module. let me know what I can get this prompt to load a file called "OpenMG Secure ". Hi there, you will need to reinstall SS from here & then ensure your PC is online and your firewall is not blocking SS. HTH C. i don't know why but every now and then (every day it happens at least once) i get this popup "openmg secure module" and it tries to tell me to. "OpenMG Secure Module" and "OpenMG Limited Patch" (something to do with playing Sony music?) How do you feel about the VAIO Launcher.


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