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External References. This in-context feature has an external reference to the other component. If you change the geometry on the referenced component, the associated in-context feature changes accordingly. To list the external references on a part or feature, right-click the part or the feature or right-click the update holder, and select List External Refs. Feb 29,  · Change external Reference. I have a assembly (C:\TE1\tortpolclap_SLDASM and I like copy and rename a another location (and another filename). I create the tortpolclap_SLDASM file in C:\TE3 directory. Before open the references seen ready. See picture 2. After the document load I use the File/FindReferences function, have a bad reference. Viewing and managing external references in a top-down assembly design environment has been streamlined in SOLIDWORKS The dialog that used to be called “List External Refs ” is now just called “External References ” and lists all external references for the assembly, part, and features. Explore the new External References dialog box. - [Instructor] Hey, guys, if you've got the latest version of SolidWorks, SolidWorks , they've made some great improvements to external references. Take a look at this example. Right here you can see, I've got a few different parts, and some of those are related to each other. And I can open up the External References dialogue box. How to Lock an External Reference. Open your top down assembly document that contains parts with external references. To lock an external reference Right-click on the Part (or Feature in a Part document) with the external reference (denoted by the '->' suffix in the FeatureManager Design Tree). Select List External References from the shortcut menu. May 06,  · How to see external references in a SOLIDWORKS sketch. For instance, you have a box or housing and you want to create a cover that will match the size of the housing and be connected to it. So if the housing changes, the cover will automatically be changed to match it. By adding these relationships it creates external Phil Whitaker.The dialog box to list external references wont allow me to redirect, just double click the part you want to change and in the second open file. Update Path for External References. An in-context feature You change the design component and must update the mold base accordingly. If the assembly is . You create an external reference when one document is dependent on another document for its solution. If the referenced document changes, the dependent. An external reference is created when one document is dependent on another document for its solution. If the referenced document changes, the dependent. Collapse External Files, External In the Open dialog box, click References. The Edit To undo changes, right-click a cell and click Undo Change. Click OK. In this tech tip discover the many different ways to replace SOLIDWORKS references including swapping a Part with an Assembly in a Drawing. In SOLIDWORKS, an External Reference allows models to be created that the references cannot be changed or updated, unless unlocked.


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